My objective is to better understand the needs and wants of the people around me. To conclude the best solutions to the most complex problems. To teach, nurture, and give back to my community any possible way I can. As a professional extrovert and people person, I adore meeting new faces and building my personal and professional network. I believe that progress is defined as understanding others while communicating the most efficient way possible.


Everyone's journey is different and I cannot wait to meet you!


Outside of the office, I'm committed to staying as nerdy as possible. I'm a huge movie buff and a master of the joysticks when it comes to arcade games. I also enjoy making people laugh because it makes me laugh.

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IGN Studios Branded Content Coordinator

San Francisco, CA
CopyPress Project Manager

Tampa, FL
IZEA Internship

Orlando, FL
GameStop Assistant Store Manager

Orlando, FL
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Parks Cover
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Social Media Marketing
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